I have been a part of numerous screening committees for many different film festivals. Over the course of viewing hundreds of films that get submitted, I sometimes come across stories that stand out. Some directors, writers or ideas peak my interest and make me want to learn more about the creator.

Who is Jes?

Jes Vasquez is a writer, director and editor who has made films that have been accepted into film festivals, some of which have went on to win awards. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and creates her own independent films. She is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and occasionally films in New Jersey.

We happened to both attend the Westfield International Film Festival and connected on Instagram after. I watched some of Jes’ films on Youtube and immediately was intrigued by her sense of humor and her directing style. Her films are quality, the actors are brilliant and her ideas are unique. After watching hundreds of films for film festivals, I was pleasantly surprised to watch Jes’ films that exhibit her creativity and do not merely repeat the same plot that I have seen so many times before.

Here are some of her films:

Vote for Jes!

One of her films is in a contest and she would appreciate your vote. Click here if you want to watch her film and vote for her!

Check out Jes’ work:

If you want to watch a short film that is different than most main-stream films, I think you will like Jes’ work. You can watch her films on YouTube, like her page on Facebook, check out her website, follow her on instagram or vimeo. Or one day you might be at a film festival and get the chance to see one of her films on the big screen.

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