(Gifted, I edited graphics on it)

Staring: Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate & more.

Gifted follows the story of Mary (Mckenna Grace) and her uncle, Frank (Chris Evans). Mary just so happens to be a child genius and has a one-eyed cat, named Fred, who secretly is the star of this film. The relationship between Mary and Frank is much like a father and a daughter: they fight, but they care for each other so deeply you can almost feel it. There is humor, screaming and hardship, but everything is encompassed with love. Frank and Mary go through struggle, especially Frank, as he explores if he is a detriment to Mary’s future, or if he is actually the best hope for Mary to have a “normal” life.

Movie Talk

The back story of Mary is sad. Frank’s relationship with his mother and sister is equally sad, but relatable. By just meeting Mary and Frank, you would never guess everything they have been through. They are kind, thoughtful, and hardworking. But unfortunately, they are misunderstood, which is something both Frank and Mary experience throughout the film.

In some ways Mary is very similar to Frank, but in other ways, she is much different. I think their similar, yet contrasting personalities made this movie stand out. Mary and Frank’s neighbor, played by Octavia Spencer, also acts as an important role in this film. In many ways she represents a mother figure for Mary. She is also one of Mary’s best friends, even though she is an adult and Mary is very much a child. Or is she? This movie juggles the different aspects of Mary that make her both child-like, but also mature. She can do complex math, think critically, but she also enjoys doing things that most kids enjoy.

This story is heartwarming, made me cry multiple times, has great acting and has relatable, complex characters. The characters seem real, like real people you meet in your town and not just in a movie. They have issues, they have setbacks, but not like in most movies where you know the character will overcome the obstacle.

This is one of my favorite films. It is films like this that reinvigorate my love for story-telling. Simply put, this movie is awesome and has incredible meaning.

Highlights / What to think about:

This movie urges the audience to think about their own relationships with people and what they would be willing to do for the people they love. Are there times when you think people you love are holding you back from being the best you can be? Or do you think you and others work together to get through anything? Even through the very hard circumstances? Or does that tend to tear you apart, rather than bring you together? The film is centered around these questions.

Watch this film: 9/10

This is the kind of film I love to put on after I watch a streak of bad films. This is a film I can rely on to make me smile, laugh, cry and occasionally get mad at the screen because I literally have felt the exact same feeling the character has. This is a film that connects to the audience, makes you feel something and lets you know you spent your time wisely watching the film. I hope you get a chance to watch it soon.

Check this film out on Amazon, IMDb & watch the Trailer on YouTube. The picture in this post is from the film.

Quick! Describe the film in 1 sentence! (aka sentence summary)

A good use of your time that will make you feel emotions that you may have been trying to suppress for too long.

Was that summary a little too deep and personal? Well that is what a good movie is, isn’t it? Both broad enough to reach a large audience, but specific enough to make everyone feel like they can relate to the movie in some way. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Arianna xx

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    […] I cried many times throughout this film, but I also laughed a lot too. The story is heavy and light at the same time. It is realistic in some ways and extraordinary in others. I like the comparisons and contrasts in this film, particularly between Mary and Frank. They are very different people, but also very similar. This film makes my heart happy and sad, but happy in the end. You can read the full post I wrote on this movie here. […]


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