Technology can have so many benefits, like perhaps, the chance to read this blog post, access endless amounts of knowledge, watch movies anywhere you want and connect with people from across the globe. But all of that certainly comes with some negatives. There are many, but today I am going to focus on what I call an “automated mind“.

Let’s get right into it

Have you ever thought, “My head hurts,” and then had that same thought everyday for a month? Then maybe you were talking to a relative and they asked why you think you have been having so many headaches. You don’t know. They ask you if you have been drinking enough water. No. Your old reusable water bottle broke and you never got a new one and you just cannot be seen on campus with a single-use plastic bottle. When did this happen? Oh yeah, about A MONTH ago. And you have been having headaches for how long? Yep, a month. Your headaches were from not drinking water. Plain and simple. Easy fix. How did you not notice this yourself? You could have been headache-free a month ago if you realized this sooner. And this would have had a large impact on your homework, your work, and you socializing with friends.


You can apply this issue and thought process to so many common “problems” or occurrences in life. We can be so used to technology figuring everything out for us that we can start to forget how to think for ourselves. We forget we can solve our own problems by just thinking about our situation and paying a little attention to some of the variables. When we start to operate on auto-pilot, it can get a bit scary. Auto-pilot does not tend to be very conducive to our goals or our happiness.

Have a problem? When did it start happening? Have you gone through a tough change recently? Think about it. I believe that you have the power to find the solution to your problem and you will be on the way to being the best you possible.


I hope you can spend some time off of tech, thinking about your feelings and making sure you are working towards your goals and not just floating around hoping some magic from J.K. Rowling will make your dreams a reality. If you have a problem, find a solution. I know you can do it. It is worth the time.

Arianna xx

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