(Jimmy Kimmel Live, I edited it a little)

Some of you may know about the long feud between Oscar-winner, Matt Damon, and someone else called, Jimmel Kimmel. The two have a whirl-wind history with Sarah Silverman, which is where their clash began. But with Jimmy perpetuating their fight by not allowing Damon on his show to promote his films, their friendship is as likely to be healed, as I am likely to become president of the United States.

The present situation:

Damon constantly waits backstage of Kimmel’s show, hoping he will get a chance to be interviewed. He has been PATIENTLY waiting years, but Kimmel denies him every night. The show goes on, but Damon does not get to show his face. Instead, he just sits backstage watching the show in solemn silence, quietly and sadly eating boiled eggs, pizza and apples.

Then one day after the show is over, Damon goes out of his isolated room and tries to find Jimmy. Damon wants to be extra nice today, so he bought Jimmy a nice basket of fruit and chocolates, in hopes of increasing his chances of being on the following night’s show.

When he finds Jimmy, he acts quick and starts to run, because as soon as Jimmy makes eye contact with Damon, he darts away, as if he is scared or something. I think one time they went to therapy together and it did not go that well? I don’t know.

So Damon chases after Jimmy with the fruit basket. Once Jimmy realizes there is food involved, he stops running. They stare at each other, not blinking an eye, unsure what to do. Jimmy wonders if Matt poisoned this fruit so he could take over his show with him out of the way. He is not so sure he wants this food anymore. “But I got this fruit just for you,” says Matt, “Come on Kimmel, don’t you like dem apples?”

It is true, Jimmy does love apples. So, Jimmy takes the basket. As Jimmy is walking away, he turns around and says, “This does not mean you will be on the show tomorrow.” And in that moment, anger swells up inside of Damon, anger that he just CANNOT hold in anymore. He runs and tackles Jimmy and screams, “My friend’s wicked smat, and he is going to figure out how to get me on this show. I promise you Jimmy.”

Whose team are you on? Damon’s or Kimmel’s?

This was a joke. Or was it?

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on TV or YouTube and see if Matt Damon made it on the show tonight. I bet you he did not. I think I will be on Jimmy’s show before Matt Damon is. The original picture from this post is from Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I may have edited it A LITTLE bit.

P.S. Did they already make a video that follows the story line of this post? Or did this story just randomly come to my mind for no reason whatsoever? Creativity is weird bro.

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