The VOB Film Festival was started 9 years ago. It is held in Putnam County, New York. On a trip to Big Sur, California, the founder of the festival, Bob Dumont, intended on going to a film festival. However, the festival was canceled because a wedding was taking place in the festival’s venue. But he thought a film festival was such a great idea that he started one the following year. Thus, the VOB film festival was created in 2012 and has been running ever since.

Tell me about it:

The film festival accepts feature films, short films, documentaries, animated films, comedies, horror films, music videos, experimental films, virtual reality and short screenplays. This year the festival is taking place August 29-September 6th, 2020.

I had a chance to speak with the festival director, Bob Dumont, about the film festival. He said that his favorite thing about the festival “is meeting all the film makers and crews that come to see their films. People have visited us from South America, Europe, Asia and at least 20 different states across the US. It is exciting to see so many people come to a small county in NY.”

The festival features independent films from all over the world. The mission of the festival is to “bring high quality, independent film to Putnam County and introduce new stories, new ideas, and new dialogue through films, panels, and studies.”

Over the years, the festival has grown. The festival’s website explains how the festival was “started in 2012 on one night and on one lawn” and now the festival has “grown to be a weeklong event with many other events throughout the year.” 

Join the festival.

You can read more about the festival on the website, check it out on Facebook or instagram, or submit your film on FilmFreeway.

How did you find out about the festival?

I love going to film festivals, meeting filmmakers and talking about films. Although I have not been to the VOB film festival, I have been helping with the social media for the festival. Festivals are a great place to meet like-minded people and find new collaborators. All of the festivals I have been to have been so much fun and turned out to be incredible experiences.

What is your favorite film festival you have attended?

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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