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Honey Boy is a film directed by a brilliant female director, Alma Har’el, and written by, Shia LaBeouf. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and wrote a post on it. Beyond that, I found some quotes in the film that I found important. That is what I am writing about today. Here are the quotes I wanted to think about:

1. “They were hurting and they didn’t know what to do, so they drank”

Everything seems clearer in hindsight. Are there times when you look back at your life and realize how what seemed like one small choice spiraled into something bigger? Both good or bad?

2. “The only thing my father gave me that had any value is pain, and you want to that that away?”

I can relate to this feeling. Having felt lost or betrayed and then the last thing you have left is about to be taken away too. It can feel so empty. This quote evoked so much emotion.

3. “You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t pay you”

This one hurt. When Noah says this in the film, it made me cry almost immediately. The way he says it, his tone of voice, the emotion he conveys with one sentence. He is a beyond brilliant young actor.

4. “Gotta lay the grudge down”

This saying reminded me how when I stopped holding grudges, I became happier and a different person. When you make the decision to work over something, instead of around it, you have the opportunity to gain a new perspective, which can influence every other aspect of your life.

5. “You can walk on water ’til someone tells you that you don’t know how to”

Fake it ’til you make it. If you believe you can, you can do it. But if you do not believe in yourself, you make it hard for your goals to happen. Think of when you were a kid and you thought anything was possible. What would change if you started to believe in yourself and your biggest dreams again?

6. “You know a seed has to totally destroy itself to become a flower”

My favorite quote. I can relate to it deeply. I dealt with a head injury for over 5 years, that I never thought I would recover from. I spent years in my house unable to do much but lay down. At times, even having on the TV or light, was too much for me. This lose of friends, inability to walk around or talk to people, left me empty.

But it was after this experience that I found what real happiness feels like. I realized my passion for films and writing and creativity. It is not without that deep pain that I would be able to feel the complete and utter happiness of finishing my short film or the happy tears from watching an incredible movie like this one. I love this quote. I hold it close.

Sum it it!

All of these quotes hold so much meaning. It is rare that I find this many meaningful quotes in a single film. I hope you find some of these quotes helpful, eye-opening or motivational.

You can watch this film on Amazon Prime or read about the film on IMDb here.

Have a splendid day.

Arianna xx

P.S. Note that these quotes may not be exact word-for-word as they are said in the film. These are the quotes I wrote down in my journal as I watched the film and I may have missed a word or two.

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