This is different from the posts I usually make, but I wanted to try it out. Here I will be mentioning 10 things about myself that you may or may not know. Starting with stupid, useless facts like my favorite color, all the way to my favorite film(s).

1. Blue is my favorite color.

If you know me, you know I love the color blue. I have always loved the ocean, maybe that is why I love this color that much. Fun fact: I wear something blue almost every day.

2. I love the ocean.

I wanted to be a marine scientist for a while. If it wasn’t for my head injury, I would have become one. I have a deep love for the ocean and all of its animals, no pun intended. One day I hope to make a documentary on a marine scientist.

3. I have a dog.

I have a maltese who likes to bark a lot, eat apples and lick the floor for no apparent reason.

4. My socks rarely match.

Yes, I try. I try really hard, but somehow my socks hardly ever match. I also tend to wear the weirdest socks. For example, the socks I am wearing right now have Arnold on them, from the show Hey Arnold. Yeah, I am pretty cool.

5. I try to watch a movie a day.

This rarely happens because life can get busy, but I always feel my happiest after I watch a film. I mean if the film is good that is. After I watch a bad film, I feel like I need to watch a good film to make up for it.

6. I also want to act.

I am interested in everything that has to do with filmmaking. I just want to tell stories, and if that involves acting, I want to be a part of that too.

7. I love the science channel.

I watch the science channel nearly every day. I especially love to watch the episodes on astronomy and earth science. I just find that stuff so interesting and intriguing. Scientists are just so COOL.

8. I tend to get actors mixed up.

Dylan O’Brien or Logan Lerman? Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler? Adam Driver or Keanu Reeves? It took me years to realize they were two different people. I bet in a few years I will realize that there are more actors that I get mixed up. Oops! I am sorry, I try my best, I promise. And yes, this is serious.

9. Last year was the first time I watched Iron Man.

Yup. You read it right. Last year I watched all of the Avengers movies, but before last year, I had only seen a few Captain Americas and some of the Avengers films. Avengers Infinity War was actually the first film I watched in the theatre since my concussion. It was a big step for me having to deal with the loud noise and the bright screen. But I did it because I wanted to watch it on the big screen. 🙂 Yes, it changed my life.

10. My favorite film is…

This is a hard question, so I will have to list some of my favorites: Good Will Hunting (of course), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Dirty Dancing, Infinitely Polar Bear (with Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana) and many more. These are just a few of my favorites, I will make a post about my favorite films soon!

That is all.

I hope you liked this post and getting to know me a little more. Was there anything that surprised you? Or am I pretty basic? Let me know.

Have an awesome day full of blue skies and sunshine.

Arianna xx

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