Woodstock Film Festival (2019)

I went to Woodstock Film Festival last October and it was an unforgettable experience. I have been to many film festivals, but this festival has been my favorite so far. All of the people I met were so kind, and I look forward to attending the festival again.

Tell me more.

When I went to the festival this year, I was helping as a volunteer. I helped for a few days and volunteered at a venue and in the press office. Everyone I met along the way was so kind. I watched so many great films and had the opportunity to talk to filmmakers who made the films I had watched. The festival truly felt like it was run by a big family and that everyone involved loved being a part of it.

I remember that one of the nights Honey Boy (2019) was playing at one of the theatres, but it was SOLD OUT, so I could not get a ticket. I am pretty sure that Marriage Story (2019) also had a showing at the festival. This festival has a combination of films that are made by well-known actors, directors, etc. and films that are equally as great, but that exhibit the talent of some newcomers.

Also, the town that the festival is held in is very walkable. There are places to eat and shop that are within walking distance. All of the food I ate was great and I had vegan pizza three times. Yes, THREE times. But, I did not regret any of it. It tasted great.

So what?

It was fun. The whole experience of the festival made me happy. I look back at it with a smile on my face and I look forward to having one of my films at the festival one day. I felt like I fit in. I have a love for film and I felt the passion in the air. It was a brilliant atmosphere.

To dreams and making them come true,

Arianna xx

Woodstock Film Festival (2019)

Check out the festival:

The festival’s Website, submit your film on FilmFreeway, or follow them on instagram.

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