I want to make films. But when you are just starting out, it can be a learning curve and a process of meeting actors and people in the industry. I am at the start of my career, so I am currently limited to a small crew of: 1 (me). I am the actress, the director, cinematographer, writer, editor, set designer, etc. Sometimes I let that limit me. But other times I want to make a film and I just make it. I have made films before, but I have learned a lot since I filmed my last film. Today, I will be talking about a film I created in a few days. Keep reading to find out more…


Well, I wanted to. So, I made it happen. I wrote a script that took place in one location, had one character and could be filmed on a stationary camera. I wrote it and filmed it in the same day. The following day I edited the film, did some fancy things with the colors, added music, sound effects, the whole ka-bam.

When writing a film about one character in one setting, I think it can be pretty easy to make it boring. I have judged at many film festivals and have found that to be very true. Some directors/writers even have fancy cameras and actors, but their story is still sub-par. Along the way I have learned that it does not matter how expensive your camera is. If there is no story, it still won’t be entertaining. But a nice, shiny camera does help. A lot in some cases.

What is it about?

My film, Imaginative Reality (2020) is about a girl and her relationship with someone named John Doe. The rest is up to the interpretation of the audience. Is John real? Or solely part of her imagination? Or has he passed away? The film comments on what we make ourselves believe and how technology has an influence on this. Is it possible to convince ourselves that something is true even when it is not? How can this effect our lives, everyday emotions? Maybe my film will make you think a little about that. Let me know what you think, please be gentle and constructive. I know my camera may not be the best, the color is off and the acting is eh, but try to focus on the story. 🙂

Here is the film:

Watch it here! I am still a beginner. I have a lot to learn. But with filmmaking, you learn by creating and realizing what worked and what didn’t. (And I know a lot didn’t.) That’s the beauty of creativity. Everyone has to start somewhere, you don’t start out by creating perfect films. But, if you never start, you will never be great. Enjoy, or don’t. Either way, I hope you liked reading more about my filmmaking journey!

Thanks for being here.

Arianna xx

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