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Netflix often has comedy specials from established comedians, or new talent that is just getting started. I watch SNL regularly, so I was aware that Pete Davidson had a new special on Netflix. I figured I would watch it eventually, and today I did. This is what I thought of his comedy special, called Pete Davidson: Alive from New York.

What I thought:

I have to be honest, I have been watching SNL for a while so I am pretty familiar with Davidson. At first I saw his comedy as immature, stereotypical and flat, but I the more I learned about him, the more I understood his comedy and its meaning. He seems to have had a hard life, and after learning that, I found a new respect for his comedy.

When I watched his special, I laughed, literally out loud. I was shocked, I giggled and I said, “Noooo.” He tends to tell jokes and stories that are shocking and might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. But, he knows how to handle those situations well and usually acknowledges the audience’s emotions.

He takes the stage well. I have watched some of his other stand-up shows and I can definitely see that he has gained a lot of confidence over the years. It is nice to see him improving and doing something he enjoys.

I think he likes to make jokes about his dad, because in a way it is him keeping his father’s spirit alive. Some of his jokes offend people, but what type comedy does not offend people? I think the purpose of comedy is to get people to laugh by presenting them with obnoxious circumstances, or making them laugh because the extraordinary obscurity of stories. I think Pete does this well. I think he is a good comedian, has good timing and seems to be a nice, complicated dude. Let me know what you think of Davidson in the comments below.

Sentence Summary

Pete is shocking, funny, weird, and knows just what to say to make the audience gasp and guiltily laugh at his “out-there” jokes.

Thanks for reading, maybe leave a joke in the comments? What is a joke that you think Pete would say?



I just want to leave this here: I was telling my friend how I want to intern/work at SNL and she was like, “You’ll be the next Pete Davidson.” To which I laughed SO LOUD. If you know me, you know I am the complete opposite of Pete, so her saying that shocked me. I have no tattoos, I eat my fruits and vegetables and I am not from Staten Island. It also made me wonder, does she actually think I am that funny? Does she actually think I can be a comedian. Lol, I took it all as a joke. I am a writer, actor and want to direct. But, who knows, maybe comedy is in my future, too? Only time will tell.

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