I have always loved art and creating my own drawings and paintings. Until recently, I kept my work to myself, but I decided to put some of my creations for sale. I am an amateur, I focus on simple designs and have fun with it. But I thought it would be fun to document my journey here and see where it takes me.

Why did you start drawing?

I would not say that I draw, I think I mostly focus on painting right now. I have the most fun with that, and I have the least amount of pressure that way. I just paint what I want, when I want and it is a great hobby. It relaxes me and acts as a kind of meditation.

Where can I find your drawings?

I put a few of my designs up on Redbubble, you can check them out here. My designs vary, but most of them have to do with nature or the ocean. You can also find my designs by going on the Redbubble website and typing in: Made by Arianna.

I have my designs separated by Collections, so feel free to check them out by category. I add new designs weekly, and sometimes daily. I am always creating and sharing. I also uploaded some of my photographs from my trips to Hawaii and Italy. The photographs are available on some clothing and also on prints.


If you decide to check out my designs, let me know what you think! You can leave it in a comments below, email me or contact me through the contact page on this website. You could also let me know on my instagram or follow my art’s instagram.

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