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I have been intrigued by outer space for a while now. I even wanted to be a planetary scientist because I find the planets and astronomy so interesting and extraordinary. That being said, I did not know that much about Neil Armstrong before watching this film. I knew about his achievements, but I knew less about his life and the sacrifices he made for his job and his country. This film taught me a lot, even if some of the story is not 100% true, it introduced me to a new side of Neil Armstrong: the family man, not just the astronaut.

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Movie Talk

This film chronicles some of the dangerous missions the astronauts encountered on their journey to the moon. There was so much danger, so much risk that landed Americans on the moon that many people might not know about. I know that this film opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of the moon landing. Now, the achievement seems even more magnificent in my mind, if that was even possible.

If you like space, or even if you do not, I think you would enjoy watching this film. It is full of emotion, great stories and focuses on family and the power of it on a person’s personality, determination, and courage. Neil Armstrong had to deal with the loss of some of his teammates and his daughter. He went through a lot in his life, but he also accomplished enormous deeds. I tend to believe that to the depth someone experiences sadness, is also the depth in which they experience success. This may not apply to everyone, but I think it might apply to Neil.

What to think about:

There was so much that was going through my mind as I watched this film. Neil sacrificed a lot for his family. Some of this film is fictional, but much of the core of the film is true to my knowledge. However, in this post, I am focusing on what happens in the movie. Neil hit hurdles, overcame them and kept running ahead. Nothing stopped Neil, nothing held him back, he knew his goal and he would accomplish it. Yes, he sacrificed his time with his family so he could make his goal a reality, but he also cared about them deeply. It was almost as if he wanted to accomplish this for his family.

When you watch this, think about what is preventing you from reaching your goals. Be honest with yourself. Could you work harder? Be more determined to make your dreams a reality? Are you like Neil, how or how not? What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams, and what are you not? Are you your biggest hurdle?

I was inspired by this film and when I get inspired or feel strong emotions, I tend to grab a pencil and write. So, I wrote this original poem and made a short video on it. I read the poem and added pictures to follow with the words and music. Here is the video:

from Aloha Arianna on YouTube

Check out this film: 8.8/10

I recommend watching this film. I really enjoyed it. The film can be sad in many ways and also shocking. The film left me happy, but also upset. I think it does a good job of having the audience connect to the characters and to care about them. So much so that it was hard watching what Neil had to go through, the many ups and downs. He had a hard life, but he also accomplished so much for himself, his family and his country. Give this film a watch if you want a new perspective on the moon landing, on people, in general, and the country as a whole.

You can watch this film on Amazon, check out the film on IMDb or watch some interviews and trailers on YouTube.

Sentence Summary

When a man is faced against the odds and has to deal with immense family hardship, he embarks on a journey that changes the world forever.

Thank you for reading. This film changed my perspective and made me want to learn more about Armstrong, his team and their incredibly unique and admirable story.

To working hard and always trying our absolute best,


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