I had the pleasure of watching Fish Out of Water, a film by Jes Vasquez, before the official release on May 22, 2020. This short was edited by Jes, herself, and acts as an introduction to a story and its characters, rather than the format of a traditional short film.

Fish Out of Water

The short is just about 5 minutes long and left me wanting more. The film introduces the audience to two sisters, Marla and Madison, that seem to have a deep connection with the water and with singing. The film also briefly includes another character, Ramona, that is the sisters’ driver for the day. She appears to be a scientist, or a researcher of sorts, and is intrigued by the sisters.

It is not explained who exactly these characters are, what their relationship is to the weather, or the water, but enough information is presented that left me wanting the film to continue far passed the 5-minute mark.

The two sisters just arrived in town and the town is celebrating the sisters’ return. Therefore it can be inferred that they must have some value to the townspeople. Additionally, near the ending of the film, another character is introduced: Madison’s “other half”. Only time will tell what exactly that means.

Besides the characters and the plot, I love the sounds of nature in the background of the film. The soundtrack made me feel as if I was near the water and in the same environment as the characters. Good audio has the ability to make a story seem more realistic, and I think that is precisely what this film did.

In conclusion:

When you watch an indie short film, you never know if you are going to watch something of horrible quality with no premise or meaning, or a film that changes your perspective on life. This film is shot in incredible quality, with great sound and acting. The color correction is gorgeous and the story is engaging and unique. I remember watching H20 as a kid and this film brought back some of those memories. I think the premise of this short could easily be made into a T.V. show or a feature film.

These days, it is all too common to watch popular feature films that are all regurgitations of other films. Many new films have nothing unique about them, besides the rotation of Hollywood actors that are currently popular. I found this film refreshing because of its unique characters and its presentation of the plot. There is also a creative transition that uses the splashing of water to visually transition to a change in scenery. And I love a good transition.

I enjoy supporting indie filmmakers because often, short films are full of one-of-a-kind thoughts and characters that you do not see in the theaters that often. I love sharing stories that encourage others to think “out-of-the-box” and explore their creativity a little more than usual. I used to think that once you became an adult, your creativity starts to disappear. But this film proves that creativity is not lost, as long as you remember to practice it.

Say hi to Jes!

from ThisJes Films on YouTube

Thank you, Jes for allowing me to watch this film early and to review it. It is ambitious women filmmakers, writers, and directors, like you, that inspire me.

If you want to read more about Jes, you can visit her website, or follow her on Instagram. Be sure to visit her YouTube channel on May 22 at noon EST to watch this film!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!


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