Outer Banks. This show has been all over my Instagram, so I did what felt natural– I decided that I would not watch it. I tend to not like shows or movies that are generally popular. I usually find these shows stereotypical and not unique.

But, I started watching this show by accident. How, you ask? Well, I had Netflix on my T.V. and it just started playing. Like magic. The show played in the background while I did homework and I started to get interested in it. At first, the characters annoyed me because they seemed like typical teenagers that I would avoid if I saw them at the beach, but the story started to get better as it continued. There was more depth than I first realized, no pun intended.

from Netflix on YouTube

So, what makes it so special?

Simply put: the characters, treasure hunt, atmosphere and the world it creates, the plot, love story, conflict and lots more. Let’s dive right in (pun intended).

Let’s Talk:

The characters are all unique and change throughout the season. At first, none of the characters were very likable, but as I started to understand why they act as they do, I became a little more forgiving. The characters’ backstories are what drew me into the show and made me want to keep watching. While some people are head-over-heels in love with the actors, I am most attracted to the ocean and the idea of living so close to it. But, that’s just me.

Next, let’s discuss the acting. It’s great. The characters and their actions are so believable because the actors are so good and make the story enjoyable to watch. There have been countless shows I have watched that did not work because the actors were not the best, even when the plot of the show was solid. However, this show is great BECAUSE of the acting. And plot. And writing. But the actors played a huge part in the show’s overall storytelling success.

And who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? It’s easy to live simultaneously through the characters while sitting at home on the couch in the dark eating oreos by the handful. I can relate to that. (insert a pic of me macking on oreos here)

My favorite part about this show is how the setting becomes a character in the story. The lifestyle of the Pogues, the plot that ensues and the conflicts that naturally appear, make this season easy to watch in one day. At least, that’s what I did– that’s dedication. The love story also adds a nice touch for those who like that kind of thing. Sometimes the relationship seems overdone and too “perfect,” but I can deal with that. Overall, the relationship between Sarah and John B is sweet, but sometimes it’s a bit too unrealistic.

from Netflix on YouTube

What to think about:

While watching this show, I thought about ways in which I could relate to it. To my surprise, I could not relate to much (besides the fact that I share the same love for the ocean that the characters do).

All of the characters are part of their own clique and have friends that are more like family. I can’t relate to this, but maybe that is why I liked this show so much. I always wanted to have friends that I could rely on when everything went wrong, but I have never had that. This show reminded me how important and valuable it is to have a strong support system in your life. It made me feel thankful for the friends and family that I do have.

Watch Outer Banks:

Want to watch teens go on a treasure hunt, just barely escape looters, hide from the police and try to escape an island during a tropical storm? Then you are in the right place.

This show premiered on Netflix this April 2020. You can read more about the show on IMDb or just search “OBX” on Instagram and I think you will come across an abundance of information. Check out the show’s official Instagram here.

Outer Banks Season 1: 7.2/10

Rating: 7 out of 10.

I hope that this show has a Season 2. I mean, ending with such a cliff-hanger, Netflix needs to make a Season 2. Please. Although this show is not as intricately detailed as Mr. Robot (2015-2019), or as comedically genius as Barry (2018-), it’s good in its own respect. I especially loved it because I have not been able to go to the beach in a while because of the world right now, so I had a fun time living through the characters.

I enjoyed the writing and how the writers made the characters have more depth than most T.V. show characters. The episodes were fun to watch: an enjoyable experience to say the least. Sad sometimes, but lifted by the bond of strong friendships and the yearning for adventure.

Sentence Summary:

When OBX locals get involved in something that quickly spirals out of their control, their commitment to their friends is tested over and over again.

Thanks for reading. Let me know on my Instagram what film or T.V. show I should talk about next!

Arianna xx

Woogity woogity woogity!

P.S. This has absolutely nothing to do with this review, but why does this video make me laugh so much? I just had to leave this here. Enjoy. Or don’t. Or laugh a lot. Maybe.

from John Mayer on YouTube

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