With so much going on right now, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed with the overflow of knowledge, news stories and the changing reality of everyday. I wanted to take this week to relax, write and watch some films to celebrate being a sophomore at college. (I completed my freshman credits over the course of two years.) After my head injury, I never thought that I would be able to go to college, but even though I took my courses online and took longer to complete my classes than most, I still did it!

I want to use this week’s posts to celebrate our little victories! I think balance is important for a healthy and happy mind. I invite you to think of the positives in your life: from the sun outside, to the warm shower in your house. This is a time to be grateful for what we have, continue to learn and educate ourselves and others, and keep pushing forward, even when there is so much that is still unknown.

Now, let’s get into the gifs! All of these gifs are from giphy.com. I came up with the captions above the gifs. (I was clearly inspired by my schoolwork, professors and hours spent studying and learning!) Enjoy!

1. When your professor gives you an F on an essay you spent 2 weeks working on.

2. When you’re supposed to be doing homework.

3. When you have a group project.

4. Did someone say ‘extra credit’?

5. Lunch break!

6. When your teacher surprises you with a new assignment that is due tomorrow.

7. When you have a term paper due tomorrow and you didn’t even start it yet.

8. When the teacher says, “Choose your partner.”

9. After studying for 10 hours straight.

10. When you finish your last assignment!

I hope this made you laugh. I included some of my favorite shows/movies: Hey Arnold (1996-2004), SNL (1975-), High School Musical (2006) and more. I know that many of you are not in school anymore, but I think most people can relate to these feelings. I also think that many of these gifs are relatable to work.

Thank you for being here. I hope the coming weeks are positive and bring good change. As always, I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Arianna xx

P.S. Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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