This week I had the incredible chance to interview the writer, Moe N. Reed. She is a CSU Northridge alum and has a M.A. degree in screenwriting. One of her past projects premiered at the Pan African Film Festival in 2018 in the best documentary category! She loves collaborating with other creatives and working in a variety of genres.

When asked why she got into filmmaking she replied, “I decided to write and produce my own content because I have a passion for storytelling. I enjoy coming of age stories and depicting characters in a non stereotypical fashion. I think it is important to have diverse images in the media.” I agree, so many main-stream movies have duplicate characters that are seen over and over again in different films. Diversity needs to be better displayed in film, and it is because dedicated creatives like Reed, that media is starting to become more diverse. What a great achievement!

Next, I asked what is something she has learned on her filmmaking journey. Reed replied, “I learned to trust and believe in my instincts. Filmmaking is a creative process and not everybody will see my vision, but it is important to be persistent.” I have also learned this lesson. Being a creative can be hard when others do not see your vision, but ultimately, it is up to you to accurately represent your ideas and stay loyal to your vision.

When I meet filmmakers, writers and creatives, I like to ask what their favorite tv shows and movies are. You can tell a lot about a person by watching their favorite stories. Reed enjoys Atlanta on FX. She “initially liked the show because of the cast,” but continues “to like the show because of its high production value.” She enjoys the acting, writing, and would love to work on the show! One of her favorite films is Love Jones “because it has the perfect balance of romance and comedy.”

Lastly, I asked Reed what is some advice she would give to a new filmmaker. She had some great words of wisdom:

It is important to have a plan and a back up plan in order to deal with the mishaps that often happen within indie filmmaking. 

It is important to be flexible when it comes to scheduling and have a budget for the entire film process (pre production – post production).

In addition, it is important to know just because the project didn’t come out perfect, still celebrate the victory of completing it.

Moe N. Reed

Reed’s Current Projects:

She has a 6 part web series, called “The Life of Bern,” that is available to watch on YouTube. You can support the series by following them on all platforms, click here to follow their Instagram.

Overall, this is what Reed had to say about the web series: “The web series follows the life of Bern, a teen who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism as a child, but after winning a rap freestyle contest, Bern must learn how to navigate the challenges of his new found fame. The episodes will document Bern’s journey, from an introvert to the hottest sought-after rapper in Los Angeles, as he tries not to become another gimmick emcee.”

Thank you for reading and supporting independent writers, cinema, and diverse stories. I enjoy getting the chance to meet new creatives and share their wonderful work with you! And, thank you Moe for giving me the chance to interview you. I appreciate your time!

Arianna 🙂

*All photos in this post belong to Moe N. Reed.

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