I have been working on so many exciting projects! I have a poem book coming out very soon and have been working hard on my YouTube channel. I found my love for editing videos again and have been spending any free time I have editing and filming videos. Slowly but surely, I am getting better and I definitely see an improvement in my editing. In case you need some creative ideas or motivation, here are some of my recent videos. All of the time I spent at home this year has started to weigh on me, but I am lucky to have a hobby and passion that allows me to express myself and meet others with the same interests. Thanks for being here.

1. Film Festival Internship

I had the opportunity to interview for a competitive internship position at a film festival and I ended up getting it. I went to work one day, went to the internship party, and then the internship was paused because of the pandemic. I was not sure if I would be able to do the internship, but I ended up being lucky and was able to still participate from the comfort of my home. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

from alohaarianna on YouTube

2. Reacting to Robert Pattinson as Batman

PATTINSON IS MY MAN! He is weird and I like that. He is awkward and I like that. His acting abilities are endless and I am so excited to see what he does with the character of Batman. He is insanely talented, modest, and just a funny guy. I personally would love to see this man in a comedy ASAP. If you are not familiar with Mr. Pattinson, I would suggest watching: Good Time (2017), Lighthouse (2019), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Water for Elephants (2011), Remember Me (2010), The King (2019), and Cosmopolis (2012). After you watch those films, you should see how versatile he is as an actor. Additionally, if you watch some of his interviews, you will quickly see how likable and relatable he is for any fellow sensitive introverts like myself.

from alohaarianna on YouTube

3. Halloween/Spooky Movies

I don’t normally gravitate towards scary movies, but when I do, I have some favorites. I have some childhood favorites that are great for children and I also have some creepy favorites that would have scarred me if I watched them when I was a child. Are my top spooky picks great choices? Or should I find some new favorites to add to my scary movies rotation? Let me know in the comments of the video so I can add your favorites to my list for the next spooky season.

from alohaarianna on YouTube

4. Witches Movie Trailer Reaction

I saw an ad for this movie and it intrigued me. I have been a fan of Anne Hathaway’s since Princess Diaries, so I wanted to check out this new movie of her’s. Was I disappointed? Or do I want to watch it on HBO? I have been reacting to trailers of new, highly anticipated movies and it has been pretty fun. I also find the videos fun to edit. What trailer should I react to next?

from alohaarianna on YouTube

5. How to Reverse Tie Dye

Need a fun activity to do while stuck at home? I was really happy with the result of this DIY even though it was my first time using bleach on a shirt. I have been tie-dying shirts, socks, and pants for as long as I can remember and it was fun to add in an extra step to add something special to an all black shirt of mine. If you try this out, send me a photo of your final result! I love a good DIY. LaurDIY who? (jk I love her and her dog Moosie)

from alohaarianna on YouTube

If you have a video recommendation that you want to see me do in the future, leave it in the comments in one of my videos! I always read my comments and I respond 90% of the time. I am having so much fun doing YouTube and I plan on continuing to upload as much as possible. Currently I upload multiple times a week and make a variety of content, so there is probably something that you will enjoy!

In the future, I plan on uploading at least once a week, but until then, I will continue to make as much content as I can. I would appreciate it so much if you take the time to watch any of my videos, like them, or subscribe. That truly means the world to me. Hope you have a fantastic day and rest of the week!

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