Getting a Disney+ subscription has increased my happiness and nostalgia tenfold. I got the subscription last year in March when my whole family had COVID-19. Watching my favorite childhood shows and movies helped keep my mind off the life threatening sickness I was dealing with, since I have asthma, but let’s change the topic. This is supposed to be a happy, fun movie post.

I watched the Hannah Montana movie when it came out in theaters with my then best friend. We went early in the morning because my friend’s mom was worried that the theatre would be packed because it was the weekend. It turned out that we were the only ones in the theatre besides a mother and her daughter. And it was too early to eat popcorn, but that didn’t stop us from semi-liking the movie. Surprisingly, I am not ashamed to admit that I like the movie more now than I did as a pre-teen.

from Walt Disney Studios on YouTube

As an adult, I notice some of the deeper themes of the film that went over my head when I was younger. In the past year I have watched this movie five times and each time I notice a new nuance to a scene that I did not notice before.

The film focuses on Hannah (Miley Cyrus) dealing with going back to where she grew up when she just wants to be in the spotlight in the big city. While home, she starts to reconnect with who she really is and who knew her before she was “Hannah Montana”. Many of the scenes felt very relatable for someone who left their home town or has not seen the people from middle or high school and then has come back home to see how much has changed.

It’s hard for me to decide what my favorite part of the movie is, but one scene and song that stands out is Butterfly Fly Away. I always cry at this part in the movie. I always cry when I listen to the song. If that sounds alarming, listen to the song and I think you will understand. It’s a beautiful song and it’s meaning is further heightened because Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) sings it with Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus), who is her real-life dad.

While I left the theatre in 2009 wanting more from the movie and feeling disappointed that I did not get to eat buttery popcorn at 9 a.m., I watch this movie now feeling all the feelings. It’s one of those movies that is great for kids, but even better for adults if they have an open enough mind to give it a chance.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


*Disclaimer: Making a movie is hard. Sometimes you have an idea and it is not interpreted how you intended it to be. All directors, producers, writers, and everyone on set should be proud at what they created and I do not want to diminish that. I just want to share my opinions so we can learn from movies and see what works and what didn’t.

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