I have heard mixed reviews on this movie. Some people label it as the best Marvel film to date, while others could go on for hours and hours on how terribly bad it is. Knowing this, I waited for it to be available on Disney+ instead of paying to go see it in theaters and being so utterly disappointed just to walk out mid-movie. Now, after watching this film I am so glad that I waited this long to watch it.

Straight to the point–

This movie was horrendous. It did not make sense, the tone was everywhere, and it felt like a SNL skit that went terribly wrong and long. If this movie was a train, it would have no tracks, no structure, and no destination in mind.

I am a fan of Taika, so I was hoping that the bad reviews of this film were just from head-over-heels comic fans that were mad about the movie being different than the comics. But after seeing the movie for myself, I understand the core of where those reviews are coming from. In contrast, I do not understand how someone could enjoy this film unless they went into it looking to watch a spoof of a Marvel movie, then (and only then) does it make sense to me.

Should you watch it?

If you have not seen this movie, I would recommend watching something else instead. With all of the content Marvel has been putting out lately, it is clear that their quality is becoming diluted. Instead of going to the movies and watching a Marvel film and knowing that it will be great, powerful and memorable, their films have become just a dime in a dozen.

Sentence Summary

Honestly, I have no idea what this movie was about and I did watch the whole thing.

Rating: 0.5 out of 10.


Brutally honest.

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