I started watching this movie on a whim since I’m a fan of Finn Wittrock. I liked him in American Horror Story (2014-2021) and was pleasantly surprised when I was watching Halloweentown High (2004) and saw his familiar face.

I didn’t expect this movie to be so heavy and to catch my attention in a concerned way. There were moments I needed to look away and take a step back because the storyline is a lot to digest. It includes many traumatic moments and on top of that, many different kinds of trauma. It’s not for the lighthearted, it’s not a chill night rom-com. This is a stark drama with more dark moments than happy ones.

But that being said, this is a solid movie. It’s worth watching and worth talking about. It starts conversations and brings up points that need to be discussed. One of the main talking points of this movie is trauma and who is considered a victim. Sometimes trauma leaves a very physical mark on someone, while other times the mark is more internal and not visible from the outside. When the mark is internal, sometimes the victim is not viewed as a victim, even though they very much are. I think this is such an important message to present.

Favorite Quotes

“Write as if no one will ever read it, that is how you write something worth while.”

“I’ll make it easy for you: just say what it is that you want, not what everyone else wants. And then, do that.”

“I’ve denied myself and denied myself, and that I’m not hurt, and I built up this rage inside of me.”

Overall… (kinda spoiler ahead)

I liked the ending, it sealed this movie for me. The main character, Ani (Mila Kunis), learned her value and how to stand up for herself. She won’t let people treat her any way they please anymore. She learns that people are wrong about her, she has every right to be sad. She was/is a victim and if someone doesn’t see that, it’s ok, but it’s still true!

You may not be able to always see her pain from the outside, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt like hell. From personal experience, I know that it can hurt even more when no one can see the scar because no one else sees the pain but you. As a result, you might feel like you have to prove how terrible you feel, which likely will make you feel even worse.

Should you watch it?

Yes, but be prepared to get upset. It’s unsettling and can trigger anxieties and past traumas for sure. Remember, you can pause the movie if you need to and come back to it later if you feel like you can handle it.


I like the structure of the story and how it is told with flashbacks intertwining with present reality. I think this really showcases what it’s like coming to terms with past traumas and working through what happened. It could have been confusing without the right direction, but I was able to follow it smoothly.

Sentence Summary

When a woman is forced to look back at her past, she has to make a decision to stand up for herself, or keep quiet and stay in the shadows forever.

Where can you watch it?


*This film was based on the book Luckiest Girl Alive, written by Jessica Knoll.

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