Starring: Robert Summerlin, Sarah Snook, and Masha Shub

Written by: Robert Summerlin

Directed by: Robert Summerlin and Tom Basis

I have been watching the filmography of the actors of Succession out of curiosity, kind love and admiration. I worked my way through most of Kieran’s work and am now watching Sarah Snook’s. On her IMDb, I saw a credit for narrating this short film. It peaked my interest because when I find a good short film, I feel like I’ve got my own little secret. So I searched for it on Google and this is what I thought.

How it made me feel:

It made me feel more comfortable in my loneliness. While you never actually hear The Poet’s voice, you discover who he is through The Plant (Sarah Snook). What a creative way to tell a story! I often wonder how I am being observed, what the people around me think of me and my actions, so I couldn’t help but lean in when I heard The Plant speaking her mind.

The film also made me feel a bit sad because as I said, I can relate to The Poet. He is lonely so he puts all he has into The Plant. It’s a sad reality but it shows the power of nature, it’s ever-changing state, and how it can parallel one’s life.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

My Rating: 8/10

I enjoyed the way this was filmed, the subtle humor, the seriousness of the plant and her thoughts, as well as the passing and changing of seasons. Simply put, this story was a breath of fresh air.

In an industry where it feels like everyone and every film is trying to be bigger, better, and more, more, more, this film takes it back to the simple things and wins in the ways that matter.

Sentence Summary

When a Poet buys a plant to find happiness, he gives everything he has to keep it alive.

Watch the short for yourself here…

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