Outer Banks Season 1 Review

Outer Banks. This show has been all over my Instagram, so I did what felt natural– I decided that I would not watch it. I tend to not like shows or movies that are generally popular. I usually find these shows stereotypical and not unique. But, I started watching this show by accident. How, youContinue reading “Outer Banks Season 1 Review”

I’m Not Okay With this: Season 1

Starring: Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Sophia Bryant and more. Like most teenage dramedies, this Netflix original show comments on many of the scenarios that people deal with while they are growing up in high school. Unlike most other shows, this teenager has a dangerous force that she is also dealing with. Syd (Sophia Lillis) isContinue reading “I’m Not Okay With this: Season 1”