I think it is common for filmmakers, directors and actors to have some films that are the inspiration for them to take up their careers in the industry. The film industry is a tough place, so it is unlikely you will end up here by accident. It will likely take years of hard, consistent work, so motivation is always appreciated.

Whether it is a specific actor’s performance, a story line or a directing style that introduces someone to their love of film, movies have the power to change the trajectory of lives. Today I talk about the film that changed my perspective on films and made me fall in love with movies, stories and see their incredible power to help.

The Story

I had to have this operation done on my toe, I won’t get into details because trust me, you don’t want to know. But little did I know this would change my life.

While I was recovering and had to lay down with my foot elevated, I had the chance to watch many, many films. Without this opportunity to watch so many films at once, I may have never realized the powerful ability to tell compelling, meaningful stories. Before this I was so used to watching the most recent blockbuster film and not much else. But now I had the chance to watch a lot of films, so I looked through my father’s collection of DVDs and took some that seemed interesting. One of those films was Defiance (2008). I can honestly say that this film was a clear turning point it my life.

Defiance (2008)

This story is about brotherhood, friendship and community. The movie follows three brothers as they try to escape the Nazi’s wrath on the Jews. Throughout the story, they meet so many people also trying to escape. Over time they meet more and more people and soon they have a small community that they are seemingly the leaders of.

After watching this film, I realized how powerful a movie’s message can be. Previously I had only watched happy films, that did not delve deep into emotion and hardship. But this film was something different, it made me think for myself, appreciate the life I have and evaluate how I go about my everyday life. It changed me. It encouraged me to watch more films that made me feel, instead of just films that made me watch, but not feel any true emotion.

On top of all of that, this film is based on a true story. Watch the film and realize how incredible that is. Here is the trailer.

Sum it up!

I have noticed that it is commonly the small things, the small choices, the small occurrences that change my life the most. I just decided to watch Defiance, probably because the cover of the DVD seemed interesting, or maybe because I thought one of the characters looked like someone I knew. But it turned out to be life-changing.

So many movies have changed my thought processes, changed the way I live my life, but I will get into that in another post. Today I just want to say not to underestimate the small decisions you make, they have the opportunity to make just as much a difference in your life as your big decisions.

Enjoy your day and maybe watch a film that you wouldn’t normally watch. You may be surprised. Or you just might turn to a whole new direction that you never thought of before. (One Direction? lol, I joke)

Arianna xx

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